What Are The Different Types Of POS System In Dubai? 19Aug
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What Are The Different Types Of POS System In Dubai?

Retail and restaurant businesses today cannot work without the latest technological investments. Shifting paradigms in the environment have constrained us to rethink the way we carry out our business. It is an era of touchless, harmless and yet efficient systems to keep the customers satisfied and our incomes coming. A POS machine or point of sale system is to let businesses run smoothly despite impediments in, for example, internet connectivity. Our Restaurant POS systems encompass multiple features which can be tailor-made to suit your business operations.

Different Types of POS Systems

Apps - Small businesses that need to put resources in the portal and flexible POS Systems

Mobile Systems - For vendors who are travelling and need a POS that sticks with them on the go

Touch Screens - When retailers need the transactions to be processed on the floor

Cloud POS - For a business that needs analytics, MIS and accessibility

Multi-channel POS - Online selling is made simple, and stock levels are easily synchronized

Self-Service Kiosks - Food and restaurant businesses that support self-checkout systems


The above-mentioned POS systems come with various attributes that can be applied to your business needs based on the size and type of business. For example, if your business has multiple product variants, you have might want to get a retail POS system. If you own a restaurant, it would make complete sense to invest in a Restaurant POS system in Dubai that tracks customer seating, orders, and preferences. 

POS System in Managing Inventory

Retail and restaurants require inventory management. These types of businesses require a POS system which can include a wide range of features like pricing, markups, quantity in hand, etc. Moreover, as a business owner, you should be able to track inventory and receive notifications when stocks are low and even print automated purchase orders. Third-party integrations are allowed through Epos Direct POS machine Dubai.

Comprehensive CRM

Creating and nurturing relationships are the two main parts of any revenue-based business. Invest in a CRM or customer relationship management tool that features a customer profiles directory with data and preferences analysed through their buying history. The built-in CRM features can be feedback collection tools, loyalty programmes and rewards creators.

Employee Management

Employee management is a significant part of the restaurant or retail business, as the employee management feature helps create and maintain individual staff profiles and logins. Epos Direct epos till systems UAE can integrate tracking, scheduling and communication for improved productivity.

Reporting and MIS

Every till systems Dubai might include basic reporting modules, it as analytics and sales breakdowns by day, week, month and year or even at required intervals that help with forecasting and prediction. Inventory tracking against staff performance is a crucial metric that can track your return on investment and real-time profitability.

Epos Direct POS systems go beyond to provide stock reordering reports, stock valuation and product type reports to enable businesses to create custom viewing for advanced budgeting. To find out about our POS Systems, speak to our consultants today!