Point Of Sale System 13Feb

Point Of Sale System

POS machines or Point of Sale Systems are used in businesses from small and large scale businesses such as Retail, Restaurants, Warehouse and Salons. Initially, these were the basic cash registers. Despite the fact that it just kept a record of each sale, it made the work simple. The modern EPOS Systems (POS Machines) evolved a lot and it does far past the basic functions of old cash registers. It automates the retail transactions which are a part of the checkout process. It cut down the potential of human errors and improves accuracy.

Components of POS System


Monitors – Touch screen monitor where the user will input the details

Cash Drawer – To store cash

Barcode Scanner – Used to scan product barcodes which is connected to POS system for stock level counts as it updates the stock automatically

Receipt Printer – Use to print the receipts to customer

Card machines – These devices are used for payments where the credit/debit cards will be swiped.

Network Devices – Use to integrate the POS machines to a Wi-Fi network to connect online or to link up with multiple systems in the company.


Cloud-Based or Offline software will be installed in POS systems

Key Features

  • Quick keys
  • Customer-confronting display/Pole Display
  • Quick checkouts
  • Inventory Management
  • Reports
  • Customer Management
  • Loyalty Programs

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