How To Find The Right POS System For Your Business? 09Dec

How To Find The Right POS System For Your Business?

Finding the right EPOS System for your business and its location in Dubai is really a significant part of the process.

Here are a couple of suggestions to consider which POS system may be the most suitable for your business needs.

Do your customers come to you to pay?

If your customers always come to you to buy your products and services, then Epos Direct could be just the right POS system for you. Its intuitive, compact and robust design will offer reliability when you undertake lots of transactions in a normal working day.

Epos Direct accepts all types of electronic payments including the latest contactless and chip and pin technology. It also includes a color display screen and large color coded buttons help to accelerate the payment process.

Although the POS system must be static, it operates through a high speed modem or Ethernet making the device incredibly reliable.

Do you go to your customers?

For small and medium sized businesses having the option to take the POS system directly to your customer is a significant part of your customer service. It is most suitable for restaurants, cafes, bars and pop-up shops.

So let’s find out more about each one…

The Epos Direct Mobile POS System can be used within the store or restaurant inside 100 meters from the main unit and features GPRS technology and wireless network which enable the POS system to have a long battery life.

Because of its compact design, the mobile POS system can be easily stored in your pocket and taken to your customers throughout the day without losing any power.

Call us to discuss our complete range of POS system options and any offers we may have for your business? We are also able to tailor your epos package to suit your business needs and offer a wide range of other merchant services.