How To Choose A POS Software For Your New Restaurant? 25Apr

How To Choose A POS Software For Your New Restaurant?

It isn't easy for you to run a restaurant in Dubai. Managing the order to stock control, you have to see everything. You need to ensure that the communication between the waiter and the chef is smooth and hassle-free, the service at the restaurant is professional to upgrade consumer satisfaction, and raw ingredients are used in the kitchen in the best possible way to work on quality. It means you want to use the best restaurant POS system in Dubai to maintain your business. However, it is crucial to select a POS system because all are not made equal. A few aspects you need to remember while choosing a restaurant POS system are:

Identify your requirements and choose your budget.
You have to define your requirements and budget before you go with an informed decision. The challenges of running a full-service restaurant in Dubai are not the same as those posed by a quick-service restaurant. The budget needs to be prepared with an unmistakable understanding that prices will rely upon the features you need for your POS system. Furthermore, traditional application software, which requires you to pay licensing fees and invest heavily in hardware systems, is far more expensive when compared with present-day cloud-based solutions.

Determine the features required for your POS system UAE

A few top-most features that the restaurant POS system you are planning to use should have are listed below:

Inventory management
Food costs' contribution to restaurant sales is around 28 to 35%. Furthermore, it can also be estimated that food wastage at restaurants is valued at $2 billion every year. It shows that inventory management is a critical one. Therefore, the POS system you plan to use should allow you to manage your stock effectively.
You can look for a POS platform that helps you track stock based on food orders. Such a system will notify your servers when the stock levels are low and create orders when the stock levels of an item turn out to be below.

Menu management
In your restaurant, you may be offering dining specials, drink specials, and seasonal items. Therefore, you will require a POS system that will help you keep up with all such situations and inventory changes tracked daily and weekly. It would be of incredible help to the servers if your POS system allowed you to program and automatically oblige such changes. Furthermore, it eliminates the chances of somebody getting charged the happy hour price instead of the actual cost.

Tab management
It doesn't make any difference what you serve in your restaurant. Your restaurant POS software in Dubai should help you with managing tabs efficiently. It is vital for your success. It should also be simple to split among many individuals and transfer tabs between servers and dining areas.

Payment pre-authorization
Previously, closing tabs was a tedious and challenging task. There is a risk of a card getting stolen or stuck in situations such as insufficient funds. The POS systems have helped restaurants defeat such circumstances by implementing payment pre-authorization. The POS system can save the card details of your customers at the start of their tab. A swipe of a customer's card allows the system to automatically look at its validity and ascertain that it's not a fake or stolen card. In addition, a modern POS system also makes sure that the bank account linked to it has sufficient funds. It significantly streamlines not only the processes but also speeds up the restaurant's workflow. It boosts guests to invest more time and reduces the risk of the bills not getting cleared.

Employee management
The top restaurant POS system in Dubai that you choose for your restaurant can also enable staff management. It allows you to manage both front-office and back-office employees by tracking their work hours, sales, and performance during a shift. Staff can record them in and out timings by swiping their ID cards on POS terminals. Besides, the POS system provides you with alerts regards staff overtime, performance, and effect on revenues. Also, advanced POS terminals allow you to set user permissions and track credit and debit card tips, split tips, and pool tips. Also, you can implement payroll automation.

The POS system you choose for your restaurant should help you determine which server is performing better, what your top-selling items are, the amount of each product you have sold, how much the food costs are, and what your expenses are some others. These measurements help you manage your restaurant efficiently and effectively. High-quality POS terminals can also be programmed to generate reports that can precisely decide your restaurant's performance, show areas of improvement, and enable you to make informed decisions.

Table management
A well-planned and affordable restaurant POS software solution also enable you to make a floor plan of your restaurant, book orders at the table, openly move parties around, and manage various elements of the restaurant right from a centralized space. Moreover, it should allow you to assign servers to tables given their capability and responsibility, determine estimated wait times, and set alarms to improve table service.

Technical support
Any issue with your POS system can cause great panic. Therefore, you need to ensure that the provider from where you are planning to acquire the system offers 24/7 customer support. It is essential to guarantee that your system is up and running quickly. Support should be available even during non-panic circumstances, for example, initial set-up, software upgrades, and training. Technical support from your POS supplier goes a long way toward guaranteeing the success of your restaurant business.

It is significant to buy the right POS system for use in your restaurant, and you require investing some time and effort in choosing one that best suits your requirements. All said and done, the POS terminal you select should be a user-friendly system so your staff can enhance their performance and efficiency.