Grow Your Business With Reports & Analytics 07Apr
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Grow Your Business With Reports & Analytics

Technology has transformed the restaurant industry. Businesses have also been able to adapt to changing consumer behaviour. It helps to have a clear overview of the business as the software keeps track of every item daily. Understand why you need reporting and analytics and see how it helps your business.

1) Real-time Reporting

Real-time reporting is a type of business intelligence that involves collecting data in real-time and transmitting it to users as it happens. One of the advantages of the Epos Direct restaurant POS system is that the reports are always accessible. Live data can be checked from anywhere by smartphone.

2) Sales Trends

As mentioned earlier, any business can identify current business sales trends and move forward. You know the importance of sales trends when identifying business trends. Therefore, advanced data must be analyzed to understand sales trends. The reporting and analytical features of the Epos Direct POS machine will help you understand your sales trends. 

 By understanding weekly and monthly sales, you can predict upcoming sales trends and make business changes accordingly.

3) Popular Items

As we saw above on sales trends, identifying popular items is also important. Think about it, if you take a large restaurant with thousands of items as an example, it's hard to determine which dishes make up their popular sales.

Discover the best-selling products and stock what you need. Epos Direct restaurant POS machine helps you find your most popular items. In addition to solving the problem of being out of stock, it also eliminates the possibility of loss. 

4) Shift Work

Loyal employees are the foundation of any business. It is very important to follow them. Epos Direct helps to track employees' shift timings accurately. It will help you to identify cash shortages at the end of the shift. It also encourages employees not to make mistakes.

5) Financial Report

Tax filing is time-consuming but very important. Complete tax reports can be easily obtained using the Epos Direct POS machine. It will save you time and allow you to focus more on your business.  

6. Inventory Reports

Inventory reporting is very important. It helps you to optimize your stock. Furthermore, the inventory report provides information on which items are likely to cause losses and which are likely to generate profits. You can track which products and services are generating revenue and which products and services are taking your money. Use Epos Direct POS software and seamlessly maintain your inventory and optimize your inventory levels.

7) Sales Report

Employees play a vital role in the success of any business. It is essential to find your loyal employees and give them appraisals. Based on sales and shift reports, the Epos Direct POS machine helps identify employees who are making the best use of the resources needed to grow the business. Understand which employees are selling the most and who are selling the worst, and train them accordingly to maximize their productivity.

8) Know Your Loyal Customers

Loyal customers are just as important as loyal employees. Based on their purchase history, you can easily find your loyal customers. Epos Direct keeps track of every customer. Know how many loyalty points each customer has earned. Based on their purchase history, you can run targeted marketing campaigns to increase acquisition rates. Understand customer buying behaviour and use it to build a customer satisfaction strategy


Epos Direct's Reporting and Analytics features provide everything a restaurant business needs to operate successfully. Cloud data backup. Data can be viewed and managed at any time using the Internet.