Free vs Paid POS Machine In Dubai 03Mar
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Free vs Paid POS Machine In Dubai

There are many quality POS machine providers available on the market, some of which offer the service for free. Instead, others charge per transaction or may charge on a business-by-business basis. Our experts have spent hundreds of hours researching the POS market to make your choice as easy as possible. We provide all the information you need in advance to help you compare and contrast providers before making a decision.

Free POS vs. Paid POS

Paid POS Machine

Paid electronic point-of-sale machines' cost varies, depending on your hardware and software needs. However, for businesses looking for a simpler solution, cheaper plans are available. Also, many plans have no user limits, which mean that licensed tills can often be used by an unlimited number of workers.

While the monthly paid plans vary from provider to provider, they are usually available at incrementally higher prices, from basic to more personalised.

Free POS Machine

The pricing structure for free billing systems works a bit differently. Free epos software is usually free to install and charges the business per transaction rather than monthly. To understand how a typical free plan works, check out Epos Direct. Epos Direct is a complete point-of-service system with a great free plan. Our research shows that it is one of the best free providers out there.

For small businesses that are growing, free plans can be a very cost-effective option. However, for businesses that handle large amounts of sales, the cost of these transaction fees can add up quickly.

Also, while POS software can be free, vendors often expect businesses to cover hardware costs. Depending on your POS provider and the size of your business, these costs can add up significantly to your total point of sale costs. Large businesses with multiple locations can expect to pay more for hardware, while small businesses can often set up lesser costs.

At Epos Direct, you can get free training for you and your staff, and they vary from supplier to vendor. Both free and paid POS systems are known to charge these fees, so you should read the fine print before proceeding with the solution.