Few Tips to Maximize the Life of Your POS System Dubai 13Jun
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Few Tips to Maximize the Life of Your POS System Dubai

Restaurant owners and managers spend thousands every year investing in POS system Dubai, hardware, epos software, and support. The amount spent on these components is expected to automate their business and provide the best service to the customer. What happens to these investments if they are handed over to the staff?
Unfortunately, most employees couldn't care about the restaurant's hardware and never dream about handling their laptops or mobile phones similarly as they deal with the POS hardware. As a restaurant owner, what can you do to help get the most out of your POS investment? Listed below are some simple tips to help you extend the life of your hardware.
1. Do a daily spot check of the hardware: In your pre-shift meetings, each team should assign a task to check one component of your POS hardware. For example, the kitchen staff can check the POS kitchen printers, the bussers can confirm that there is paper in every one of the check printers, and the servers can check the POS terminals. Each staff member should clean the complete hardware with a damp cloth. Workers should report items that are damaged back to the managers to replace before the start of the shift.
2. Ensure all your kitchen stations are working properly: As a part of pre-shift, somebody has to assign to send an item to the kitchen that contacts each station. Set up an item as it goes to every station. Also, a card authorization is checked to ensure your card software is operational. There's nothing worse than starting a shift with something that isn't working as expected.
3. Final check at the end of the shift: As a part of their checkout process, every team member should perform a simple checkup of the hardware. Make this as a practice refilling salt and pepper shakers and sugar.
4. Hire trained technicians for complete maintenance each year: Similar to a tune-up for your vehicle or your yearly physical, each POS system needs inspection at least once a year. Many times your POS machine Dubai or hardware supplier will offer these services.
Think of replacing the most used parts regularly: Not all POS hardware components are subjected to a similar type of misuse. Items like kitchen printers will generally see more abuse because of the environment in the kitchen although the POS terminals at the host stand are not exposed to the high temperatures, flying oil, and different perils tracked down in the kitchen as it will generally have a long lifecycle. Knowing the environment in which your hardware is working will allow you to set a lifecycle management system for every device.
Initially, it is incredibly significant to accept the fact that your hardware won't last forever!! Getting a good grasp on every unit's lifecycle and then developing a plan for a day-to-day lifecycle refresh will guarantee the successful operation of your POS hardware and keep your restaurant mechanically relevant. One customer serves as a useful lifecycle date for each part of hardware in their restaurant. They use the norm of 6 years for a POS terminal, 4 years for a kitchen printer and 8 years for a POS printer. These dates work for their restaurants, but these lifecycles could be different for your restaurant.