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  1. Grow Your Business With Reports & Analytics 07Apr
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    Grow Your Business With Reports & Analytics

    Technology has transformed the restaurant industry. Businesses have also been able to adapt to changing consumer behaviour. It helps to have a clear overview of the business as the software keeps track of every item daily. Understand why you need reporting and analytics and see how it helps your business.

    1) Real-time Reporting

    Real-time reporting is a type of business intelligence that involves collecting data in real-time and transmitting it to users as it happens. One of the advantages of the Epos Direct restaurant POS system is that the reports are always accessible.

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  2. Free vs Paid POS Machine In Dubai 03Mar
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    Free vs Paid POS Machine In Dubai

    There are many quality POS machine providers available on the market, some of which offer the service for free. Instead, others charge per transaction or may charge on a business-by-business basis. Our experts have spent hundreds of hours researching the POS market to make your choice as easy as possible. We provide all the information you need in advance to help you compare and contrast providers before making a decision.

    Free POS vs. Paid POS

    Paid POS Machine

    Paid electronic point-of-sale machines' cost varies, depending on your hardware and software needs. However, for businesses looking for a simpler solution,

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  3. How POS Machine Can Benefit Your Restaurant Business? 08Feb
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    How POS Machine Can Benefit Your Restaurant Business?

    Point of Sale (POS) machines has evolved over the past decade to improve the customer experience and enable business owners to conduct their operations efficiently. While traditional billing systems can only process payments and issue receipts, modern POS machines have changed the way restaurants accept payments, process orders, manage inventory and interact with their customers.  

    Let’s take a look at five ways a billing system can help you manage your restaurant, staff, and inventory:

    Advanced Inventory Tracking

    Controlling the cost factor is crucial for any restaurant. Real-time inventory keeps you up to date with what's on sale. It allows you to perform a comparative analysis to know the gap between production value and sales. You can greatly improve your inventory tracking by using a modern POS m

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  4. How To Choose A Till System For Your Business In Dubai? 16Sep
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    How To Choose A Till System For Your Business In Dubai?

    What are Epos Systems?

    Till systems in Dubai is a combination of hardware and software that help businesses with transactions and yield consumer satisfaction. To satisfy your customer needs, it can manage cash flow in the business and understand the customers' needs and trends. Epos Systems vary based on the category of the business and the regulations specific to the geographical location. To get the best till systems from the POS machine suppliers in Dubai, look for the best features that are relevant to your business and consider the size, budget, and preferences of the POS provider.

    Things to Consider When Choosing a POS System

    1. Features

    The features of a till

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  5. What Are The Different Types Of POS System In Dubai? 19Aug
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    What Are The Different Types Of POS System In Dubai?

    Retail and restaurant businesses today cannot work without the latest technological investments. Shifting paradigms in the environment have constrained us to rethink the way we carry out our business. It is an era of touchless, harmless and yet efficient systems to keep the customers satisfied and our incomes coming. A POS machine or point of sale system is to let businesses run smoothly despite impediments in, for example, internet connectivity. Our Restaurant POS systems encompass multiple features which can be tailor-made to suit your business operations.

    Different Types of POS Systems

    Apps - Small businesses that need to put resources in the portal and flexible POS Systems

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  6. How POS System Helps To Improve Customer Experience 15Jul

    How POS System Helps To Improve Customer Experience

    The Retail POS system Dubai is considered a backend solution for a business. It helps to facilitate sales processes, accept payments, issue receipts, and more. 

    The Latest and advanced POS solutions from Epos Direct are more than a backend solution. They are preparing for an in-store and online customer experience that boosts brand image and impact customers' overall shopping experience. Here are a few ways to use the POS system Dubai to improve customer experience.


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  7. Few Tips to Maximize the Life of Your POS System Dubai 13Jun
    POS System

    Few Tips to Maximize the Life of Your POS System Dubai

    Restaurant owners and managers spend thousands every year investing in POS system Dubai, hardware, epos software, and support. The amount spent on these components is expected to automate their business and provide the best service to the customer. What happens to these investments if they are handed over to the staff?
    Unfortunately, most employees couldn't care about the restaurant's hardware and never dream about handling their laptops or mobile phones similarly as they deal with the POS hardware. As a restaurant owner, what can you do to help get the most out of your POS investment? Listed below are some simple tips to help you extend the life of your hardware.
    1. Do a daily spot check of the hardware: In your pre-shift meetings, each team should assign a task to check one component of your POS hardware. For

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  8.  How To Choose A POS Software For Your New Restaurant? 25Apr

    How To Choose A POS Software For Your New Restaurant?

    It isn't easy for you to run a restaurant in Dubai. Managing the order to stock control, you have to see everything. You need to ensure that the communication between the waiter and the chef is smooth and hassle-free, the service at the restaurant is professional to upgrade consumer satisfaction, and raw ingredients are used in the kitchen in the best possible way to work on quality. It means you want to use the best restaurant POS system in Dubai to maintain your business. However, it is crucial to select a POS system because all are not made equal. A few aspects you need to remember while choosing a restaurant POS system are:

    Identify your requirements and choose your budget.
    You have to define your requirements and budget before you go with an informed decision. The challenges of running a full-service restaurant

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  9. Do you feel your customers walking out? Here is a solution that is super affordable! 09Mar
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    Do you feel your customers walking out? Here is a solution that is super affordable!

    Purchase an EPOS system for your Business, the purpose of epos is what you going to know in this few minute’s readable guide!


    Recent studies said that, Epos shaping the future of business. A Cloud-based epos can take the business to the next level, by handling various aspects of business.

    Accelerate your business operations with epos software.

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