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  1. What Is The Importance Of Analyzing Customer Data With A POS Machine 25Mar
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    What Is The Importance Of Analyzing Customer Data With A POS Machine

    Good point of sale (POS) software has several features to help retailers in their daily work. It is also a powerful data analysis tool. Point-of-sale software's advanced reporting can allow you to analyze customer data to help you understand consumer habits and preferences.

    Can customer data be analyzed using point-of-sale software? Yes, you can analyze customer data with the point of sale software thanks to advanced reporting features.  

    Importance of customer data analysis with a POS machine

    Customer data analytics is essential for any business to have access to highly valuable customer information. Advanced reports generated by good POS software, and Epos Direct POS machine Dubai, show important data about:

    • Products
    • Employees
    • Sales
    • Customers 
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  2. Free vs Paid POS Machine In Dubai 03Mar
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    Free vs Paid POS Machine In Dubai

    There are many quality POS machine providers available on the market, some of which offer the service for free. Instead, others charge per transaction or may charge on a business-by-business basis. Our experts have spent hundreds of hours researching the POS market to make your choice as easy as possible. We provide all the information you need in advance to help you compare and contrast providers before making a decision.

    Free POS vs. Paid POS

    Paid POS Machine

    Paid electronic point-of-sale machines' cost varies, depending on your hardware and software needs. However, for businesses looking for a simpler solution,

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