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Epos Direct brings you the best epos system that is reliable and affordable for growing business solutions. We deliver the POS with intuitive functionality and simple integration for your business needs.

What Is Included:

15″ Touch Screen EPOS
Secure Metallic Black Cash Drawer
80mm Thermal Receipt Printer
EPOS APP for Retail or Restaurants & Bars
All ready for plug and play by the time it reaches you
Online Training
Dedicated Account Manager

Market leaders use app to enrich their brand & business

EPOS Systems Perfectly
Suits Your Business


Create a website that integrates your online and offline business. Find and sell to your customers where they are now, and where they’ll be in the future.


Examine your stock levels, customer buying behaviors and staff performance to suggest business optimizations with real time POS data analytics.

Point of Sale

Point of sale is enough to run your entire business. Increase revenue, streamline operations, and delight your customers, POS built with your business in mind.

Access globally

On your desktop, tablet, or phone from anywhere view your sales at a glance or filter by date, department, employees and more. You can make more informed decisions. Access back office and reports from anywhere on the go.


Accept payments seamlessly and securely to power your business. Our flexible options let you start accept payments fast — online, in person, and on your phone.

Offline Mode

Runs smoothly even when your internet lets you down and ensures you’re always able to accept payments and make transactions. Perfect if you have a moving business or your connection isn’t all that reliable.

All the tools for multi-location retailers to
sell, manage, report and grow

Increase Sales
Inform Decisions

Take control of your

POS system makes it simple to sell to your customers, and keep them coming back to your store. It works online and offline, and get your staff selling in no time. Integrates with a variety of payment providers.

Take control of your

Customize your sales reports to know store performance, top selling products and sales persons. Drill down into your data & identify trends, customer buying habits & manage your inventory more effectively.

Take control of your

Access key information on store performance via charts, get deeper sales insights on the performance of your brands, product categories, collections, and even suppliers.

Take control of your

Manage & maximize your business easily by adding more users at no extra cost, we are ready to grow when you are. Open a new outlet in minutes, easily adjust tax settings and run stores in multiple locations.

Perfect for Hospitality

Full Dine in Management

Deliver amazing guest experiences in a full dine in management for restaurant with a full technology suite.

Full Fastfood Management

Platform designed for high-volume fast food environments. Increase your orders and serve more customers.

Perfect for Retail

Full Inventory Management Suite

It’s quick and easy to add and manage your products. Allows you to set reorder automatically fill orders. Let’s you monitor what’s selling and what’s not, to make informed buying decisions.

Seamless Ecommerce Integration

Connect and list your products online in minutes. Build and manage a multichannel retail that tracks your customers from their first visit to their last purchase.

Smart Analytical

Customisable & Interactive

Quickly add/edit your products. Upload them with just a couple of clicks. Set reorder points to automatically fill orders.

Head Office Solution

Exclusive reports track the performance of your staff, brands, product categories, collections, and even suppliers. View store metrics, right down to the base level.

The Point of Sale Platform
Powering the Most Successful Restaurants

Easy-to-use software that can scale with your business
Cloud-based reports accessible in real-time
Hardwired terminals and offline mode so nothing slows you down
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Simple, flat rate payment processing for all transactions
Tableside ordering and payments, with digital receipts, to grow your
customer list

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